Small business owners need help but getting help can be complicated.  Adding someone to the payroll can have confusing legal implications, you might not have enough work to keep someone busy consistently, or you might not have the time to go through a long hiring process.  Mommy Admin aims to solve those problems.

I have been blogging for over 4 years and in that time I have always felt that if I had more time then I could better promote my growing blog.  But time is something that I could never get enough of. And I quickly realized that I wasn't alone.  Many people out there were looking for help to get things done, but there wasn't a good place to get help.  

That is when I first thought of Mommy Admin.  I knew that there were lots of moms like me who wanted to contribute financially and had valuable skills, but didn't know how to find a place to use those skills. At Mommy Admin we connect this untapped workforce of moms to bloggers and small business owners that need help with their administrative tasks. My sister was looking for a job a while ago and I asked in a Facebook group I belong to if anyone needed a virtual assistant who could hire her.  I was surprised by how many people said yes!  Being successful as a blogger or a business owner requires a strong social media influence and fresh content which is almost impossible to do all on your own.  That's why you need Mommy Admin. 

We have no minimum weekly amount of work.  Even if you only need 1 hour of work a week, we can help.  We want it to be stress-free for you to get the help that you need.

Alexis, Co-Founder