Matching our services to your needs.

We offer a variety of services to meet your needs: 

  • Social Media Marketing - Our admins can post to all of your social media sites to increase your traction.  All of our Admins are Social Media savvy and you'll have a chance to see a sampling of their personal social media sites before they work for you. We post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. 
  • Answering Emails - Responding to emails can be a great way to stay connected to your customers, but it can also be time consuming.  With our Mommy Admins they can respond to the emails that you choose to leave you time to answer the more important ones. 
  • Creating Newsletters - Keep your customers or readers engaged through periodic newsletters.  Our Mommy Admins can draft your newsletters and make them look great so all you have to do is click send.
  • Photo Editing - Making your photos look perfect takes time.  Give this task to your Mommy Admin and your raw photos will come back polished to perfection.
  • Pin-able Pinterest Photos - Need your photo prepped for Pinterest?  Our Mommy Admins can help with that too.
  • Blog Posts - Coming up with great content for your blog is a full time job - sometimes more than a full time job.  Our Admins have experience blogging on their own and will make great content for your blog too.
  • Website Design and Development - We have web developers ready to help you fix or update your website.  HTML can be tricky to use and take a long time to learn.  Let us quickly fix your website so you can work on the more important things.
  • Admin Assistant - Let us make your phone calls, set up appointments, make spreadsheets and keep things organized. 
  • Accounting - Not a numbers person?  Or you just don't have time? We have accountants on hand ready to crunch numbers for you.