What Can Your VA Do For You?

Kimmy was a successful fashion blogger that wanted to take her business to the next level. Her time was maxed out, but she didn't know how to enlist external help in a way that would make a difference. Kimmy came to us and we were able to help her identify how she could utilize a Virtual Assistant (VA) to give her back her time and grow her blog.

You may be in a similar situation. You want to take your game to the next level, but you aren't sure what the next step is. You may be surprised by the options.

Content Marketing brainstorming

Content Marketing

If you have any marketing friends, mention content marketing the next time you are with them. They will either be very impressed with your marketing savvy or they will run away because they are so sick of hearing about it.

What is content marketing? Content marketing is simply content (blog posts, podcasts, video, etc.) that provides value to your customers that will hopefully cause your customer to purchase your product or consume whatever it is you make more money from. Think of a blog on a website that sells ebooks. The blog posts are to attract regular readers while the ebooks are the "premium" upgrade for those that really want the good stuff. Another example would be an online store selling boutique baby clothes that starts a blog about baby clothing (the materials used, baby fashion, etc.).

What can content marketing do for my small business? Content marketing is the hottest thing in marketing right now for two reasons. First, your content points your customers to your product (directly or indirectly). It also serves the purpose of helping your website climb in the rankings on search engines. Google and other search engines are rewarding websites that are publishing regular quality content. Double score!

How can a Virtual Assistant help? When someone wants help with content marketing we identify two things. First, what are we trying to motivate our customers to do? What is the goal? Do we want them to buy an ebook, click on another page, sign up for a newsletter? Second, what kind of content will help you achieve that goal. The easiest is obviously blog posts. However even that it may not be as easy as it seems.

In a world of deafening content cacophony, weak stories are dead on arrival.

-Scott Brinker, Co-Founder of Chief Marketing Technologist

Finding a VA that can write blog posts is easy. Finding someone that can write content that will get noticed is not. At Mommy Admin we vet all of our writers. They have years of experience writing professionally.

Social Media Marketing

You know what Social Media marketing is. You are probably already spending a lot of time doing social media. However, you may not have considered some of the niche networks that you can use to grow your blog or business.

How can a Virtual Assistant help? A VA can do two things in this regard. Of course social media takes time. The first thing they can do is take some of the time pressure off of you. They can help you make sure that you are posting engaging content online regularly. Also, you don't have to limit this to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Many industries have websites where anyone can highlight their products. These websites usually have a submission process that can take quite a bit of time, but the payoff is exposure to new customers.

A next level VA will do more than just post the things that you suggest, but they will know how to elevate your social media game using effective posting times, appropriate hashtags, trending topics, sharing other's content and using an engaging style that matches your brand.

Virtual Assistant

Customer Interaction

Communicating with your customers can be among the most time-intensive tasks for a small business owner. Enlisting a VA to help you with simple email needs frees you up to make your product or promote your business.

How can a Virtual Assistant help? Our clients have their VAs collecting all their customer emails, responding to simple questions, and compiling lists of orders into simple to read spreadsheets that they send to the client each day.

Graphic Design, Photo Editing, and More. Oh, my!

Now-a-days the right virtual assistant can do just about anything you need. According to Business Insider, skilled help of all sorts is on the rise.

VA's today come equipped with whatever skill you need. A VA can set up and manage your website. They can act as remote IT support. They can design logos, edit your photos and more. If you have a specific need, you can find a VA that has the right skill. That's 2015 for ya.

Finding Help

There are numerous places to find VA's now-a-days. Many are freelancers with their own websites. Others you can find online at websites like Fiverr which is great for your one-off needs. Upwork (formerly oDesk) is a great place to find more specialized help. They have professionals ranging from marketing experts to mobile developers to accountants.

Mommy Admin specializes in helping businesses that are looking for ongoing help and want to find the right person the first time. All of our admins have past experience and we put our VAs through a series of tests to ensure that you will be getting someone who is talented and proven.

In addition, for those of you that aren't 100% sure of how to utilize a VA, Mommy Admin provides our clients with an account manager with experience in marketing, blogging, and social media that will help you strategize and optimize your VA to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck. If you would like to schedule a free consultation to see how a VA can help your business apply here.