The Productive Mom: Jill Taylor


Being a mom is hard.  But there are moms out there finding joy, purpose, and even productivity through the diapers, discipline, and...diapers.  This series spotlights some of those moms.

Jill Taylor is the mother to three beautiful girls and still manages to do freelance work on the side including working as a virtual assistant for Mommy Admin.  We asked Jill our series of questions and this is how she answered:

Name: Jill Taylor

Number of children: 3

Age range of children: 4-10mo

Where have you primarily raised your family: Texas

One word that describes your parenting: Genuine

Most important parenting tool: Love with clear expectations and consequences 

How can people connect with you:


Let’s start big, what is one of your biggest parenting blunders and what did you learn from that experience? 

One of my biggest mistakes as a mom is when I jump to conclusions and my tender-hearted child explains that it is not the case. When I accuse them of this or that, and they answer with a sweet voice, "Mom, I already brushed my teeth," or something simple. I always feel silly that I was quick to assume. 


What has been one of your sweetest moments as a mom? 

The times that are the sweetest are usually when it feels like time stands still. We are usually outside, playing in the sun and my children are laughing and giggling. We may be on the swings, at the swimming pool, jumping on the trampoline, reading books at a park, or blowing bubbles. They are enjoying life as a child without a care in the world, and that is what makes life sweet as a mom---to see the world through your children's eyes.


What is one thing about you that makes you a great mom?  

I feel like my ability to manage my time has been an invaluable asset. I am able to manage my workload, responsibilities and the millions of things that moms juggle because I plan ahead.


How do you escape when you need a break? 

My favorite thing to do when I need some "me time" is to take a long, hot shower at night. It's great to feel rejuvenated, clean and alone to my thoughts. 


What is the best parenting advice you ever received? 

It's ok if everyone is crying at the same time--even you. 


What is the best parenting book/blog/resource? 

I make a daily effort to fill my "mom cup" with a devotional. I read from my Bible, scriptures, interviews, or other uplifting material to bring peace in my life and my home. I really enjoyed reading Of Love and Logic, and I love talking to other moms about their ideas! 


Fill in the blank: ______________ is the secret to being productive as Mom. 

Although it's not always about productivity as a mom, that's part of the job. I think the secret is finding out what works for you and what is important. Some people like to bake bread. That's great. Others like to plan parties. Do what makes YOU happy and don't compare yourself to other moms. If you do what is most important to you, and if you kiss your children at the end of the day, that's productivity. You're shaping lives for the future.


If you were able to go back in time and start your family over again, with all of the same family members, what would you do differently? What would you keep the same?

Because my family is still very young, I try to use a lot of lessons I learned from my own family growing up to shape my home now. There's no do-overs, but I always try to be humble as a mom to apologize to my children and start fresh if I need a new day. There's many things I want to do differently, and I hope I have enough time to develop that alongside my daughters. Being a mom is the greatest blessing in my life and certainly brings me joy unlike any other calling or position.


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