Why You Need to Embrace Email Marketing

By Alan Tanner

Email marketing is often overlooked in our world of social media.  However studies show that, even with the pervasiveness of social media, email has some undeniable advantages for those seeking engagement from their readers or customers.

Consider these facts:

  •  The total life of a Facebook post is only around four and a half hours, and the life of a Tweet is just over an hour, but an email take 12 days for its open rates to drop off that much
  • 75% or more of your followers don't see your Facebook posts unless you pay to promote it
  • Less than 10% of your audience sees your Tweets due to saturation of their feeds

In short, it is time to start thinking about email.

If you are interested in starting an email campaign, talk to your manager for all of the details and advice you need to get started.  Don't have a Mommy Admin representative yet?  Apply for one today!